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We explore choreography from both contemporary and classical musical theatre. Rooted in acting and storytelling, dancers will learn character development as well as the coordination and focus needed to be a true triple threat.


Social dance is a fundamental element of all dance forms. We will work solo and with partners on various rhythmic structures and methodologies. Whether it's salsa, jive, waltz, and tango - dancers will learn about working together as a team.


By breaking habits and developing our individual voice, movement improvisation helps us become more in tune with our instrument. Through games and images, we explore this method as an informative task and help remove the apprehension that comes with thinking on your feet.


Class focuses on developing classical technique by exploring fundamentals of anatomy and musicality. Using imagery, we will explore different textures and ideas to help facilitate one's technical foundation. Our physical and organized approach to ballet allows dancers to transfer elements discovered in this class across all areas of dance.


By fusing elements of modern, jazz, and ballet, we use a dynamic movement phrase to explore a hybrid of ideas. Contemporary focuses on traveling through space in a clear and concise way. We deconstruct and develop transitional elements of phrase work while developing a deeper sense of musicality.


This class is a mixture of the new generation of African influences and street dance. This cultural, social, and free-spirited class draws from musical rhythms and trends from The Congo, Ivory Coast, and Angola. 


We investigate the ideas of counterbalance and weight sharing rooted in contemporary partnering. Class gives each dancer the feeling of leading and following in a partnering phrase. Teaching listening through physical touch and manipulation, we focus on building trust and developing teamwork both in duets and group partnering.


Introduce your dancers to flamenco rhythms, understanding compas, arms, technique and braceo. This powerful and dynamic class builds confidence and broadens the perspectives for dancers of all ages.


Take a class based on the classical modern techniques of Graham, Limon, Horton, and Cunningham. In addition to dancing, we will give a brief dance history lesson with videos and cornerstones to show how these modern fundamentals have influenced dance today.


Explore weight shifting and your relationship with gravity by navigating different levels in space. By understanding our own body weight we are able to access ease of transitions through floor-based movement. Class progresses from starting on the floor and builds to a traveling phrase, exploring transitioning from on the floor to off.


Acting is like practicing life, trying out new ideas and taking risks in a safe setting. By playing a range of games incorporating the body and voice, we are able to warm up the actor’s tools and develop a new understanding of the body as our artistic instrument.


This class will develop your skills as a choreographer and a contributing, well-rounded dancer. Using improvisational games and compositional tools we will learn how to generate movement in a fun and open environment.


Using image-based technique, we break down frequently executed elements and provide a clearer understanding of the anatomical function of these movements. This class will focus on alignment in stretching and proper placement in strengthening exercises.


Understanding the way the body functions is key for proper alignment and injury prevention. We will help dancers identify commonly used muscles and bones and how to utilize them to their fullest potential. This class is active and informative.


Pilates exercises emphasize alignment, muscular control, balance, and precision of movement. Dancers will learn how to build core strength, correct imbalances, and enhance their technique. Our faculty is certified to teach Pilates and dynamic muscle testing. 


By focusing on rhythm, we expand our musicality across all areas of dance. We begin with a sensible warm-up, then move through space to advance the complexity and coordination of our sounds. Class includes elements of traditional musical theatre, street, and traditional tap.


Encouraging dancers to be clear and strong, we will explore dynamics and directional changes while dancing to energetic music. Each class will challenge range of movement and style. By focusing on quality over quantity, we are able to activate the body to its fullest potential.


While traveling across the floor, we dissect traditional jumps and turns found in many dance genres. Using imagery, we reinvent how to approach our most performative elements.


Our Workshops + Seminars allow our faculty to share their unique perspective with your studio community. These conversations provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect and interact!


After developing a student/teacher dynamic, this forum allows your dancers to ask our faculty questions about the life of a dancer. This free flowing forum will give your dancers a perspective of maintaining a rigorous and daily schedule, staying motivated and inspired, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Curious about going to school? Our faculty is affiliated with numerous esteemed institutions. Ask us your questions about different college programs that are available to you. We will discuss what different programs offer and provide an in-depth understanding of the differences between a conservatory and a university dance program.




We create a mock audition for your dancers. In this workshop, we discuss every element of audition technique from how to find auditions, picking appropriate attire, and proper etiquette. In addition, we instruct dancers how to take a headshot and construct a resume.


For parents only, this senimar provides a unique opportunity and unfiltered space for parents to ask our faculty one on one questions. All questions are open and welcome!


We share our individual ways of taking notes and how we compartmentalize all the information we receive as dancers. In addition, we will give your dancers tools to mold and evolve their goals as they develop.


Introducing your dancers to a wide range of choreographers and performers will leave them inspired and invigorated. As an interactive dance history forum, we discuss how dance evolved throughout the years to be what it has become today.

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