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Studio 180 Dance's time with Dance Device Lab was an absolutely fantastic experience and an incredible opportunity for our dancers-we HIGHLY recommend this program for any studio looking for a unique and positive way to prepare for a show or competitive season!

From start to finish, we were blown away by the professionalism of the staff and how easy they made organizing our weekend. Brandon is detail-oriented, kind & communicative and I knew from the start this was going to be well worth any cost and hugely beneficial for our dancers. He prepared us for the weekend with an outline and overview as well as expectations so there were no surprises, and he stayed on top of every deadline to ensure nothing was missed. The adjudicators were superstars as well-they are active, working professional dancers with unmatched bios who took the time to come out to our studio and share their experiences and expertise. It was really amazing to be able to bring such talented professionals into our studio and the time they spent with our dancers was priceless!


During our showcase after each performance, the adjudicators stood up, talked to the dancers, moved with them, adjusted them and were really hands-on, making each of our dancers feel important and also helping them be their best dancing selves. Classes the next day were catered specifically to our dancers based on what they had seen the day before during the showcase, and by that time the adjudicators had learned all of our dancers' names and were able to communicate with them in a way that allowed the dancers to trust them and thus learn so much from them.


We strongly recommend Dance Device Lab as not only a unique experience to offer to your dancers but also an opportunity to learn from (quite literally) the best in the business.

Thank you to Brandon, Ashley & Jaclyn for such a fantastic weekend and for taking the time to spend with our dancers and help them as they continue to grow! We will absolutely be making the DDL showcase & convention weekend an annual event as we prepare for all of our future competitive seasons!


Katie King

Owner, Studio 180 Dance, Inc.

Annapolis, MD

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